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Hi all

I am totally new to OpenCascade. I am a Grad student at University at Buffalo. I want to use OC to make some of my work a bit more easier for me using some functions from OC such as for BSpline, boolean operations etc. I have installed OC5.1, but cant seem to find any help on what needs to be done to compile any programs. I keep getting linking errors. Please let me know what i must do to get things going.
Thank you

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Look at the examples and read the documentation, it is not the most perfect docs on the world, but by looking at the examples it is not to difficult to figure it out.

The spline/nurb classes are pretty old and out of date, they also use pretty wacky storage format, and a lot of people complain about the boolean operations, they only work in some cases.

If you don't need any BREP stuff I suggest you try to look into something that is more easy to use.

One choice could be IRIT

This package has very good spline support (up to 6 dimensions, trivariate, multivariate, FFD, triangular surfaces, symbolic operations and lots of other stuff), it also includes very good boolean operations, but they only work on meshes, so if you need any kind of BREP stuff you are out of luck.


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What OS/IDE are you using?