New project info and request

Dear all,

LEDAS company considers opening new project concerning variational design on
Open CASCADE platform. We kindly request information on what this project could be and what constraint-based features and variational functionality is most wanted in Open CASCADE community. We also want to know where and how variational and constraint-based functionality can be integrated in Open CASCADE framework.

LEDAS Ltd. is a Russian private-held software company, which owns and
develops a leading constraint programming technology with its main
projection into the CAD/CAM/CAE domain. Since 1996, our know-how and
solutions have been increasingly applied in Dassault Systemes S.A.

We, at Ledas, are confident that integration with the Open CASCADE library
can become another serious successful application of our solutions for

Today, our key solution/product is the LEDAS Geometric Solver (LGS) -- a
constraint-based solver of 2 and 3-D geometric problems. Main
characteristics of LGS and the underlying technology are published at We believe that a constraint geometric solver can
enrich both Open CASCADE core (by introducing constraints) and some of the
OC-based projects (by adding more power and functionality).

We would very much appreciate your feedback on whether Open CASCADE community is interested in applications of the LEDAS solutions, what particular related problems are today considered as the most requested, and what other connected projects could be most probably, from your point of view, successfull.

Ledas, with its competence/experience in constraint programming,
computational methods/algorithms, and industrial software development as
well as with its staff of developers and mathematicians, is flexibly ready
for a broad spectrum of cooperation.

Best regards,
Sergey Preis, LEDAS Ltd, Marketing Director