New version?

Does someone know an approximate release date of a new OpenCascade (6.0 ?) version ?
It's been more than a year since the last release.

A few years ago there was CVS access to the source code as far as I remember. Is there still public CVS access somewhere?


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Hi Hannes,

the CVS has no public access since OCC 4.0 and also the bugtracker isn't public anymore!



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This was asked before the 5.2 release as well. The response was that they like to make 2 or 3 maintenance releases to customers before supplying a new public release. They said they expected there to be approximately 2-3 maintenance releases between minor releases to the public. This was estimated to be every 6-10 months, which is obviously not the case for the current version. There have been 2 maintenance releases so far, so I expect we will have several months before another public release. You might want to look at the following thread: