No wire in the compound shape build by BRepAlgo_Section

I use the following code to create a section:

bool bRet=false;

BRepAlgo_Section section(toCut,cutter,Standard_False);
//BRepAlgoAPI_Section section(toCut,cutter,Standard_False);

if (section.IsDone())

The resulting shape should be a compound shape that contains at least 1 wire (the section it's placed in the middle of shape1 so I'm sure to have intersection). However exploring the resulting shape i don't find any wire.

I have tried with and without approximation and using BRepAlgoApi_Section, but the result is the same.

What can be the problem?

Davide Canalia's picture

I have found the problem :)
The section algorithm return a compound shape built of edge and not wires :)

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hi Davide,
I converted a section into TopoDS Shape and got all edges from it but cannot get a wire from those edges!!can u tel me why?

even all those functions which need to extract wires from that shape are not working.

TopExp_Explorer ex1(R,TopAbs_WIRE);
while (ex1.More());{}
this loop does not enter!