not actually a problem , it is just an explaination

hi dears,,,,
I'm using OCCT 6.8.0 version with a platform of windows 7 (64 bit)
the thing is that, I have installed the OCCT 6.8.0 on my OS (as told above) and I used Microsoft Visual studio 2008 (VC9) as an SDE "Software Development Environment"

then I downloaded the pre-compiled 3rd-party product of the suitable environment from here

n then I tried following the procedure given in here file:///E:/OpenCASCADE6.8.0/opencascade-6.8.0/doc/overview/html/occt_dev_guides__building_3rdparty_windows.html for Building 3rd-party libraries on Windows
sooooooooo ,,,,, the things that I came to know that the binary files which I will get after going through the building process given in the previous link are already exist in the 3rd-party folders which I have already downloaded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

isn't it astonishing ?????
so what the benefit of the procedure and when is to be used ????

and then I thought of it and I said to myself that I might be wrong ,,, and I completed the configuration process and I followed :

and then I got my OCCT working perfectly with ZERO ERRORS as a result of BUILDING SOLUTION of msvc.bat file

so the thing I came to know later is that.....
If you build OCCT from bare sources (as in Git repository) or do some changes affecting CDL "CASCADE Defention Language" files, you need to use WOK to re-generate header files and build scripts / projects, OR use the procedure given in here file:///E:/OpenCASCADE6.8.0/opencascade-6.8.0/doc/overview/html/occt_dev_guides__building_3rdparty_windows.html

otherwise if you use the pre-compiled files of the third party products that's available at the opencascade website then you do as I did directly

thanks a lot for your patience

your sincere; Saddam Alshloul
from Jordan

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sorry guys ....
correction for the references
when ever you see this " file:///E:/OpenCASCADE6.8.0/opencascade-6.8.0/doc/overview/html/occt_dev_guides__building_3rdparty_windows.html "
I mean the following link " "

and whenever this is mentioned " file:///E:/OpenCASCADE6.8.0/opencascade-6.8.0/doc/overview/html/occt_dev_guides__building_msvc.html "
I mean this link " "

sorry for that guys , that happened because I got the page saved on my E-drive n I opened the page from the drive