Not correctly read IGES file

ProDesktop Express has also problems with the file. Are you sure the IGES file is ok?


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Dear Patrik,

The problem.igs face is read correctly.
But this face is not planar. So you can not create an offset at this face.

Draw Test Harness

> igesbrep problem.igs a *
> tpcompound a
> explode a w
> a_1
> mkoffset res a_1 1 1
> An exception was caught 0x008D79E0 : StdFail_NotDone: BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset : the wire is not planar

The Open CASCADE help say:

BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset Class
Describes algorithms for offsetting wires from a set of wires contained in a planar face.

Yours faithfully