NURBS from triangulation using GeomPlate


I'm trying to obtain a NURBS from triangulation of a surface using GeomPlate.

My idea was to create a NURBS for every triangle using triangle edges but I'm having an error.

First I've read documentation and tried example on official documentation in "Modeling Algorithms User's Guide" (page 36).

Then I have tried to change constraint as reported in the code below but application crash in a free() function during GeomPlate_BuildPlateSurface::Perform().

If I use the three points P1(0., 0., 0.), P2(0., 10., 0.), P3(0., 10., 10.) to build the wire the code works well.

I have tried the same code with OpenCascade 6.5.1 and OpenCascade 6.5.2 on VS2005.

What could be the problem? Have I used wrong parameters?

Thanks in advance,
Francesco Argese


gp_Pnt P1(0.00042938189, 0.12546401, 0.0013751500);
gp_Pnt P2(0.0014842700, 0.124916, 0.013828100);
gp_Pnt P3(0.0014683700, 0.124881, 0.0139044);
BRepBuilderAPI_MakePolygon W;

// Initialize a BuildPlateSurface
GeomPlate_BuildPlateSurface BPSurf(3, 15, 2);

// Create the curve constraints
BRepTools_WireExplorer anExp;
for(anExp.Init(W.Wire()); anExp.More(); anExp.Next())
TopoDS_Edge E = anExp.Current();
Handle(BRepAdaptor_HCurve) C = new BRepAdaptor_HCurve;
Handle(BRepFill_CurveConstraint) Cont = new BRepFill_CurveConstraint(C, 0);

// Compute the plate surface

// Approximate plate surface...

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