NVIDIA Graphic Card

Hello all,
ich have installed the GeForce8600GT graphic card.
But it seems, the OCC wouldn't be faster.
What is about opengl ?
How can I "connet" the right opengl to OCC ?
And waht is the right opengl ? I use DOT.NET (C# Project)

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When you install the drivers, OCC should automatically start using the accelerated OpenGL DLL. It happens at the OS level. Unless you have another DLL somewhere (like Mesa3D or an OpenGL to D3D wrapper), it should just work (tm).

You should notice the acceleration when OCC draws on the view. Selection of shapes and other operations still use the CPU. Do also have in mind that AIS is not very well optimized. NIS promises more improvements, but it's still in early development (it does not provide all functionality of AIS).