objects moving simulation

Hi, I am still in my early asessment of occ. Can any one answer my questions:

Different objects can start moving (or called 'fly') to their preset locations, and with different speed at same time? (like a simple explosion simulation)
If true, how?

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You will have to provide your own functions to calculate the movement, but animation is possible.
Every diplayed object can have a so called location, which is the objects transformation matrix.
Manipulating this matrix will result in the object being rendered in another place.

Things you ought to look at for this:

  • AIS_InteractiveObject and it's decendents to display and manipulate your objects
  • gp_Trsf (a class representing a transformation) which can be used as a parameter for functions expecting a Location
  • good luck

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Thanks, Tilman, it sounds reasonable.
I will try it.