OC 6.1 seemingly poor (reference-) documentation

I find the reference documentation is poor.
For example it reads: "enum V3d_TypeOfUpdate {V3d_ASAP, V3d_WAIT }
Determines the type of light.
. More..."
-Oviously this enum does NOT determine the type of light.
-Even worse, when you click on any of the Items marked as link, nothing happens. This means, you DONT get "more" information.

Anyone encountered similar problems?

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Yes of course ! fortunatedly they have updated the documentation system to doxygen. Unfortunatedly they haven't updated the documentation :)

Don't mind it is opensource, and many times you understand better the working from the source code.


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Yes, the documentation is very poor. They modified it to be generated by DOxygen, but did not modify the format of the header files to make them DOxygen friendly.

Believe it or not, most of the links do "work". They point to other locations in the same page. In your example, "More..." points to the Enum definition below. Since this page is very small and fits entirely in your browser, nothing happens. If you make your browser very small, it will scroll :-).

I rarely use the reference documentation. The CDL files are much easier to read and provide more and better information.

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Hello there!
Nice to hear from you,
I thought the board was dead.
You told me:"If you make your browser very small, it will scroll :-)."
Maybe you think I should laugh about it. But I tell you my friend, I don't :) Maybe OCC is one of this new IT riddles, where I miss the funny side.