oc - OpenCascade bindings for Common Lisp

Hello OpenCascade community,

I have been working on some bindings for OpenCascade which are tested on Steel Bank Common Lisp on Windows, macos, and Linux (all AMD64). I'm using them for a project I'm working on in that dead, old, forgotten, crusty, archaic and useless language Common Lisp. "OC" has the same license as OCCT. I'm currently using 7.1.0, but have plans to upgrade at some point.


It's good to see this forum is active, I may ask some questions or even answer some.

Andrew K Wolven

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Hello Andrew, thanks for sharing information about your project. If you fill it could be useful or interesting to others - fill free to ask adding a project to the listing.

I think this would be really nice if users would tell on Forum not only that their project does exist, but also share some history. E.g., why it has been created, what was a starting point, which challenges and problems have been passed through, what have been solved and what you still wish to improve in future. For example - have you been inspired by any other project wrapping OCCT into other language using SWIG (was it helpful in any way, or different language define completely different rules?), or have been written it from scratch?