Does any example how to use OCAF exist? Can you point me out? I tried using it according help topics, but creating an instance of class, derived from TDocStd_Application produces Abnormal program termination... could you direct me, please? Any help will be gladly appreciated, because i need OCAF to be in my project.

Thanks in advance, Dima

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Hi !

Using OCAF is very messy, at least thats what I think, take a look at the pdf file on the documentation page, it does explain most stuff, but I have not read it very much yet.

I think I have some source code you can look at, I will see if I can dig it up.

Your TDocStd_Application must implement the ResourceNames() and the Formats() method, you also need a REGISTRY file and lots of other weird stuff to get it working.

I also think you need a few files from the ShapeViewer package to get it to work.

Try to search on my name in the forum "Mikael Aronsson" and I think you will find a few answers to your questions.

I gave up on OCAF and use my own code instead, I belive OCAF is to messy to use.

But you may like it so don't give up yet :o)

I hope that helps a little, and if I find my old source code I will mail it to you.

regards, Mikael Aronsson