OCAF - Undo/Redo in custom defined attributes

Hello everyone,

I have a query regarding handling undos and redos for custom defined attributes. I have defined my own attributes classes that inherit from TDF_Attribute class. My question is does the OCAF framework offers a possibility to handle undos and redos if the data contained in my custom defined attributes (that inherit from TDF_Attribute) gets changed in a document?

I have already tried the undos and redos with addition/ removal of labels and attributes in a document and that seems to work fine.


Zia ul Azam

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Dear Zia ul,

Yes, it can be implemented using OCAF framework. 

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Thank you Forum Supervisor for your response. I have found out the solution that works for me. I am sharing it in this thread so that other users of OCCT can benefit from it.

To handle undos/redos when the data contained in custom defined attribute classes gets changed (these attribute classes obviously inherit from TDF_Attribute class) is the following:

1. Implement the pure virtual method (virtual void Restore (const HandleTDF_Attribute > &anAttribute) = 0) contained in TDF_Attribute class in your custom attribute class. This method actually should set the data of your current object with the data of passed attribute object.

2. Lets say you have a handle to the instance of TDocStd_Document in your application with name document.

Then simply the procedure is to:

   i. Open a transaction on this document

   ii. Backup your custom attribute in this transaction

   iii. Make changes to your custom attribute

   iv. Commit the transaction


Handle(TDocStd_Document) document; // your document instance

Handle(TDF_Attribute) example_attribute; // your custom attribute

document -> OpenCommand();

example_attribute -> Backup();

// make changes to your attribute

document -> CommitCommand();

// now you will have added one undo in the list of undos

// you can see it 

std::cout << document -> GetAvailableUndos() << std::endl;