OCC 51 sample compilation for new users

A remark Because samples compilation does'nt work on the first try. (For my experience)
I think it's very bad for new users
I thing a pragma directive in a cpp file would be great in all OCC5.1 mfc sample code with a comment like the one I added here below
This pragma will probably fail when user compile the sample. But the solution is just below in the comment. The developper understand change and try and will perhaps like this and OCC after....

#pragma comment (lib , "C:\\OpenCascade5.1\\samples\\standard\\mfc\\mfcsamples\\Debug\\mfcsample.lib")
// change the path to your installation
// if mfcsample.lib doesn't exist on your installaton
// compile the mfc project located at "C:\\OpenCasacde5.1\\samples\\standard\\mfc\\mfcsamples"
// it will generate
// C:\\OpenCascade5.1\\samples\\standard\\mfc\\mfcsamples\\Debug\\mfcsample.lib
// C:\\OpenCascade5.1\\samples\\standard\\mfc\\mfcsamples\\Debug\\mfcsample.dll
// the mfc samples use it

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I compiled the "C:\\OpenCasacde5.1\\samples\\standard\\mfc\\mfcsamples" with Visual C++ and it generates the "mfcsample.dll" and a "mfcsample.ilk"

but no "mfcsample.lib"..?