OCC 5.2 DLLs recompilation

I get the following error while trying to recompile the Visual C++ 6.0 project for TKIGES.DLL, referencing Open Cascade 5.2 classes
(OS WINDOWS 2000, SP5).
The Same Error occurs for recompiling the TKKERNEL.DLL, TKBOOL.DLL, TKSHHELING.DLL, TKXSBASE.DLL (only *.cxx files will be different).

Please kindly advise if you have come across similar issues.

Kind regards,


D:\OCC\ros\src\IGESSelect\IGESSelect_WorkLibrary.cxx(99) : error C2679:
binary ' type 'class TCollection_AsciiString' (or there is no acceptable conversion)

The recompilation works OK for those DLLs on PC with XP OS.

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Hi, Mark. Unfortunately, I have the same error when compiling the examples. I did not have it with OCC 5.1 though. Can anyone help ? Thanks.