OCC 6.5.1 regression inside BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape

Dear OCC Team,

Please, find complete explanation and correction in enclosed file

OCC Version : 6.5.1
OS : All platforms
Package : Modeling Algorithms\TKTopAlgo.dll
Source \OpenCASCADE6.5.1\ros\src\BRepExtrema\BRepExtrema_DistanceSS.cxx

Thanks you for delivering full source code. Simple Bugs can be found and corrected rapidly
even if OCC 6.5.1 is harder to compile than before due to great 3rd party (TBB for ex) making more complex dependencies (version, os, lib, dll, inc)

Best regards,


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Dear Philippe,
Thank you very much for finding and reporting this unfortunate misprint.
I would like to inform you that this problem has been checked and confirmed.
A corresponding issue with ID = OCC22689 has been registered.
We shall fix this problem in future OCCT releases. You will be able to see later if the issue is resolved by checking the references to the specified ID in OCCT Release Notes.
Best regards,
Forum supervisor

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Hi Philippe,

Your insightful bugfix has been added to the OCE repository (see https://github.com/tpaviot/oce/commit/4722bf129a9ef25b07a7746dcd9b9da37e...).

It will be included in the upcoming monthly OCE release (0.5.0, planned to be released in a few hours). You'll be credited in the AUTHORS file.

Best Regards,