OCC 6.5.4 cdl files

Hello OCC,

We have noticed that in the latest occ version 6.5.4 there are cdl files missing for new classes.
For example : Image_AlienPixMap and TopTools_MutexForShapeProvider.

However, the existing cdl-files, where the new classes are used, are updated:
For example: BRepMesh_FastDiscretFace::Add is using TopTools_MutexForShapeProvider as described in BRepMesh_FastDiscretFace.cdl

Since we are using the cdl files, with MS_MetaSchema, for generating code, we have problems generating code for the new classes in occ 6.5.4.
We are wondering if the missing cdl files are just forgotten in the distribution, or that occ is leaving the cdl methodology?

Thank you for your answer,

Guido van Hilst

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As I understood from Andrey Betenev, cdl is going to be dropped.

I have always found that cdl that was one of the strong points of occ development methodology.

If you plan to abandon cdl would it not better then to abandon it in once? Now occ have a broken system:
In old CDL the new classes are used, but the new classes itself are not described anymore in cdl?
The CDL only make sense to me if all is described?

In occ 6.5.3 the cdl system was still complete and usable.

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