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Hi all,

In this forum, we explain our problems and ask the community to help us.

The big problem is that we solve our problems but we never share the solution. Then, after us, other people encounter the same problems and need to spend a lot of time to solve them !

Do you all know Codeguru (http://www.codeguru.com). Codeguru is a code repository dedicated to Visual C++.

What would you think of creating an "Open CASCADE Codeguru" ???

... I mean a website on which we could all ask questions, post solutions, post "lessons" about one class for example, post samples ...

I agree it would need to spend some minutes to write articles but it could be usefull for the community ...

What do you think of it ?

I'm ready to start this project, but I will need help.

Are there interested people ready to help me ?

Thank you,


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sounds nice (and a lot of work). I think getting an overview about the ongoing projects of us would give a hint what could be interested.

Best regards,

Patrik Müller

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You're right, but I think that many people work on confidential (- commercial -) projects, and I think many people cannot tell us about what they are doing ...

... but OCC users could tell us what they would appreciate to see in this repository ...

I gave some examples : samples, classes explanations, portions of code ...

Presenting ongoing projects is the aim of opencascade.org and, with one or two new messages each year, we cannot use this website as an good example to show the activity of OCC community members !!!


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"You're right, but I think that many people work on confidential (- commercial -) projects, and I think many people cannot tell us about what they are doing ..."

that's true - but I think it would give a better overview for sections (like OpenCasCade.org).

When you look ie. codeproject there are sections for MFC, Buttons and so on.
Or you have to build sections like "Vizualisation", "DataExchange" and so on...
Thinking about the size of OpenCasCade - a lot of work :-))


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"Tips and tricks" section already exists on http://www.opencascade.org for such posts.


But I didn't think yet about its subsectioning, because there isn't too much stuff to separate there...

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Hi webmaster !

I agree ... but nobody uses www.opencascade.org.

I think that a website dedicated to community and belonging by community members would be a bit more "dynamic" ...


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www.opencascade.org portal is intended for contributors and aimed to provide maximum attention of visitors to all projects posted by contributors. We intentionally redirect postings having no relation to the projects from .org to .com forum, to prevent contributors' projects from being lost in the flow of need-help information. Therefore .org doesn' look so active with postings as .com forum.
The problem of .org that you noted is the usual problem of any open-source community: there are thousands, thousands and thousands people who want to get free stuff and help, and only a few fair and smart programmers who then really contribute to the product.