OCC functions to save and restore geometry as binary format

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Is there any OCC functions to save and restore geometry as binary format?

I'd like to use the function to load geometry to parallel computer.
I will write geometry as binary stream in memory buffer and send them to the proper processors.

Can anybody give me the OCC function name for this or any advices about it?

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You might want to look at the BinTools_ShapeSet class. As long as your memory buffer can be treated as a standard output stream, you might be able to make it work.


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In pythonOCC, the class BRepTools_ShapeSet is used to serialize classes that inherit from TopoDS_Shape. This feature was used to make a 'slicing' operation being distributed over many cores (on a multicore machine and using the 'processing' python module). This seems closely related to the subject you're working on.

The video of the program is available here:

And the python source code:

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Thank you so much about all your help.
I will try what you guys mentioned and let me report the progress.
Thank you.