OCC + nglib: unv mesh with boundaries

Hi all,

i'm a newbie. I'm trying to read a STEP geometry, mesh it and export to UNV file format; i use a simple STEP cube and i get the expected result.

Now i want to identify solids, faces, edges and vertices and save it as groups in the mesh, but... i'm lost.

Can anyone guide me in the steps i should follow?


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Sorry for the poor explanation... what i want to do is something similar to "Explode" in Salome platform.

Thanks again :)

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Hello Victor,

Maybe class TopExp_Explorer can help here.

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Hello Hugues,

thanks for the response :)

I have allready cheked this class, but my problem comes later...
To narrow down the issue, i wonder how i can get a Ng_OCC_Geometry from a TopoDS_Shape or a Geom_[...] (Ex. Geom_Surface).
I don't know if it's possible to mesh a topology or geometry with Netgen. Is it possible?


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Hello Victor,
we are using Netgen at our company, here is some code snippet of how we use it to produce a mesh from a TopoDS_Shape, it might not work as is but should be pretty close to working (I extract this code from a C++ class we use):

// setting of meshing parameters, tolerance,...
netgen::mparam.maxh = 1.; // some max edge length
netgen::mparam.minh = 1.; // some min edge length
netgen::mparam.optimize2d = "smsmsmSmSmSm";
netgen::mparam.grading = 0.3;


// -------------------------
// Prepare OCC geometry
// -------------------------
TopoDS_Shape _shape=...;
netgen::OCCGeometry occgeo;
occgeo.shape = _shape;
occgeo.changed = 1;
// the shape need to have a starting mesh
if (!BRepTools::Triangulation(_shape,1)) {

Bnd_Box bb;
BRepBndLib::Add (_shape, bb);
double x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2;
bb.Get (x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2);
netgen::Point<3> p1 = netgen::Point<3> (x1,y1,z1);
netgen::Point<3> p2 = netgen::Point<3> (x2,y2,z2);
occgeo.boundingbox = netgen::Box<3> (p1,p2);

// -------------------------
// Generate the mesh
// -------------------------
netgen::Mesh *ngMesh = NULL;
// we start always with ANALYSE,
// but end depending on _optimize and _isVolume
int startWith = netgen::MESHCONST_ANALYSE;
int endWith = netgen::MESHCONST_OPTSURFACE;
char *optstr=NULL;
int err = 0;
try {
err = netgen::OCCGenerateMesh(occgeo, ngMesh,netgen::mparam, startWith, endWith);
if (!err && netgen::mparam.secondorder > 0) {
netgen::OCCRefinementSurfaces ref (occgeo);
ref.MakeSecondOrder (*ngMesh);
catch (netgen::NgException exc) {
std::cout <<"Exception in NETGEN: " << exc.What()<GetNP()>0) {

TColgp_Array1OfPnt pts(1,ngMesh->GetNP());
for (int i=1; i<=ngMesh->GetNP(); i++) {
netgen::MeshPoint pt=ngMesh->Point(i);

Poly_Array1OfTriangle Tri(1,ngMesh->GetNSE());
for (int i=1; i<=ngMesh->GetNSE(); i++) {
// get surface element
netgen::Element2d elem=ngMesh->SurfaceElement(i);
if (elem.GetNP()>=3) {
Standard_Integer N1=elem[0].GetInt();
Standard_Integer N2=elem[1].GetInt();
Standard_Integer N3=elem[2].GetInt();

aTriangulation=new Poly_Triangulation(pts,Tri);

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:O! Oh thanks!

i thinks this is really what i need. I will try and coment my experience :)

Best regards!

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Hi again,

now i have a problem, i think is related to my poor knowledge on C++. when i try to generate the mesh i get the following error:

undefined reference to `netgen::OCCGenerateMesh(netgen::OCCGeometry&, netgen::Mesh*&, netgen::MeshingParameters&, int, int)'

Someone know how can i fix this?


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Hi again,

I try some of your code "exploding" a cube and it works well for solid and shells but i get an error when i try to mesh the last face, and the edges. With the face i get this output:

Creating Edge Mesh.....
Edge Mesh successfully created.....
Number of points = 8
Creating Surface Mesh.....
load internal triangle rules
Face 1 / 1 (parameter space projection)
Surface meshing done
Optimize Surface 1
Error creating Surface Mesh..... Aborting!! -1

Maybe something wrong with some parameters?

Thanks :)