OCC Source Visul Basic Coded

I like OCC, but i dont like C++ langage, i suggest to rewrite it on vb to be more convenion, i'm trying to do that right now (it's seem to be very hard).
If you are interrested, please post me your comment to support me.

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So good luck and at least 10 years time :)

If you really want to rewrite it from scratch you also have to be an expert in nearly every field of computer graphics.

I suppose you are, otherwise dont even start with your project :)

In my opinion it might be easier for you to just learn c++...its less work :)

Take care.


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Hi OC Fan,

May I ask which version of VB you use, VB 6 or VB.NET.
I have an ActiveX COM wrapper for parts of the OCC framework.
A VB solution would be much slower to execute and you would still need to invoke parts of the OpenGL libraries.


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There is something like a wrapper for OCAS. This is Salome Platform, but it's only for Linux (and maybe Solaris). Salome uses CORBA.