OCC as STEP reader

Hello, I want to create a 3D-CAD Viewer using C# and WPF.
I can view 3D models now if I have a XAML as source, but mostly i have only STEP or IGES files.
I now discovered Opencascade and because it is able to read STEP files I wonder how it is possible to
get the raw geometric data.
I now when I use the STEPControl_Reader I get a TopoDS_Shape but how do I get the data I need for WPF?
Unluckily I am not used to C++ and I can't figure out how to process the TopoDS_Shape further to get the data I need.

Thanks in advantage

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Hello Egon,

you can either embed the OCCT-Viewer in your application (see the provided Windows Forms sample application) to show the loaded files or alternatively tessellate (search this forum for BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh for example) the imported TopoDS_Shapes and transfer the triangles into you application.

Hope this helps.