OCC & wxWindows


When I started working on OCC 2 months back, I really missed having any info on working with OCC and the wxWindows GUI ToolKit.

Having been able to have made modest progress with the basic doc/view architecture, OCAF, Pan/Zoom/Rotate, I'd be happy to make it available to anybody just beginning to work with OCC & wxWindows.

By the way, how many people happen to be using wxWindows at this time.


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It's pretty easy to hook up OCC to any GUI library with OpenGL support, have a peek at the code for the Qt/Fltk support, you could also have a peek at Stephane's exoTK project, has support for Qt, pretty much the same code can be used in WxWindows.


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Im new to wxWindows and am curious about the Pan/Zoom/Rotate option. It would be great if you could share with me any information you have on that.

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I'd appreciate it if you could forward your OCC & wxWindows stuff on to me.



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Could you send me your stuff on OCC and wxwindows. I would like to start a project on OCC, and it would be very usefull the wxwindows integration because of the portability to linux.

Many thanks,