OCC6.1 trouble with link

I use MSVS 6.0 so I am oblige to rebuild the OCC6.1 because it's build with MSVS 7.1. I have # troubles.

The main one when I link TKernel (the first toolkit) i obtain the following message:
Units_TokensSequence_0.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: virtual void __thiscall Standard_Storable::ShallowDump(class ostream &)const " (?ShallowDump@Standard_Storable@@UBEXAAVostream@@@Z)

But Standard is build with OK so ????????????


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Hello Antonio,

Please make sure you have really built Units_TokensSequence_0.obj with MSVS 6.0 (check the date stamp, for example). Apparently, the problem you experience is due to incomplete compilation. Please also check your environment and make sure all variables are set in accordance with OCCT 6.1 configuration.

Best regards,
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Units is uptodate with MSVS 6.0 and all variables are set in accordance with 0cc61 because I launch env.bat starting the session. So what I can do ?