OCC6.3 sample makefiles for Linux

Dear OCC-users,

after some work I could manage to install OCC 6.3 on my Linux (Suse 11) computer. I now want to try the qt samples. Unfortunately I cannot find any makefiles or config files in the /samples/standard/qt folder.

Is there something missing? Went something wrong with my installation? Or did I overlook something?

I hope that someone can help me.

Many thanks in advance!

Tobias Stockmanns

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Just execute qmake in the /samples/standard/qt directory. qmake will generate a makefile from the IESample.pro file. Then run make.


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You beat me to it ;)


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You need to run the Qt "qmake" tool against the .pro files to create the build files - note that the samples arenow based on Qt4.


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The qmake-qt4 specifically

N. Sharjith

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Thank you all for the fast help.

It is working now :-)