Is OCCT 2d viewer in use?

Dear users,
We have intention to remove 2d viewer from OCCT as it seems to be out of real use for years, and does not worth efforts required for its maintenance.
This also applies to MFT fonts and plotting support.
The applications that might be still using 2d viewer (if they exist) will have to use 3d viewer in fixed-projection mode.
Please comment to this thread if you are using the functionality to be removed in your applications and cannot find equivalent replacement in 3d viewer or elsewhere.
The packages to be removed are: V2d, Graphic2d, Select2D, Prs2d, AIS2D, GGraphic2d, PlotMgt, CGM, PS, MFT, FontMFT.
For details, see Mantis issue #23663 (, and related ones.
Best regards
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I believe I used the DRAW 2d view to display the 2d curves inside edges of a face (in UV parameter space), although now I have forgotten the commands to do it.

What is the best way to do it (with or without the 2d viewer) ?


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Dear Mauro,
'2d viewer' used in DRAW to show p-curves is specific viewer for 2d objects(see commands starting with prefix '2d') and it will not be affected by removal of 2d viewer (TKV2d) from OCCT.
The commands to be removed in DRAW are the ones starting with prefix 'v2d'.

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Dear Forum Supervisor,

in my opinion the 2d viewer and the corresponding packages can be removed from OCCT. Personally, I have never used the 2d viewer and do not plan to.

Just a thought... maybe there are some functionalities that might be worth porting to the 3d viewer (e.g. drawing tolerance symbols - as far as I can remember it was only possible to display them in the 2d viewer).