OCCT 6.5.4 is released!


Hello All,

The release of OCCT 6.5.4 is published.
The corresponding tag in Git is "V6_5_4".

I am happy to mention here the community members who contributed to this release by reporting issues, participating in discussions, and providing code corrections:
Alexander Schneller
Roman Lygin
Vitezslav Zajic

In the case if I have omitted to mention someone, please let me know. I would like to especially thank Pawel who has made tremendous work identifying and reporting hidden problems in the code and providing more than 50 fixes.

Thank you all for participation!

David Hickerson's picture

I have downloaded installed the required libraries. When I run the configure, I get: configure: try ftgl in /opt/ftgl
checking ftgl.h usability... yes
checking ftgl.h presence... yes
checking for ftgl.h... yes
checking for FTGLTextureFont in -lftgl... no
configure: error: Unable to locate the required ftgl library

Looking in Mantas I found bug: 0023445, which has this for ftgl:
FTGLTextureFont font("");

I searched for FTGLTextureFont in the source code. It does not exist. I believe this is a cut and paste error, and it should be FTTextureFont, not FTGLTextureFont.

Looking at FTGL/FTGLTextureFont.h you see:

* FTTextureFont is a specialisation of the FTFont class for handling
* Texture mapped fonts
* @see FTFont
class FTGL_EXPORT FTTextureFont : public FTFont
* Open and read a font file. Sets Error flag.
* @param fontFilePath font file path.
FTTextureFont(const char* fontFilePath);

I would have posted this to Mantas, but I don't have permission for new issues.

David Hickerson

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Hello OCC,

We have noticed that in the latest occ version 6.5.4 there are cdl files missing for new classes.
For example : Image_AlienPixMap and TopTools_MutexForShapeProvider.

However, the existing cdl-files, where the new classes are used, are updated:
For example: BRepMesh_FastDiscretFace::Add is using TopTools_MutexForShapeProvider as described in BRepMesh_FastDiscretFace.cdl

Since we are using the cdl files, with MS_MetaSchema, for generating code, we have problems generating code for the new classes in occ 6.5.4.
We are wondering if the missing cdl files are just forgotten in the distribution, or that occ is leaving the cdl methodology?

Thank you for your answer,

Guido van Hilst