OCCT 6.7.0: New documentation system



With OCCT 6.7.0 we introduce the new documentation system. All OCCT documentation (Overview, User and Developer Guides) is now included in OCCT source tree (new sub-folder dox), in plain text format (MarkDown with Doxygen extensions). The HTML, CHM, and PDF files are generated using Doxygen.

This makes it easy to make changes in OCCT documentation, and enables OCCT developers and contributors to synchronize changes in the code with corrections in relevant documentation.

Provided that you have Tcl and Doxygen installed on your system, running script gendoc.bat (gendoc.sh on Linux) located in root folder of OCCT code tree will generate HTML documentation in doc/overview/html.

We invite all interested people to review the new documentation and comment / improve it. See http://dev.opencascade.org/doc for current HTML documentation, and OCCT 6.7.0 beta packages for CHM and PDF formats.

The following parts are considered to be completed in 6.7.0.beta, thus ready for review and comments:

  • Overall structure of the documentation
  • Overview
  • Tutorial
  • User Guides: Foundation classes, Modeling Algorithms, Modeling Data, OCAF, Shape Healing, TObj, XDE
  • Developer Guides: Documentation System, Automated Testing System

Other documents are in progress, and we will appreciate if someone wishes to help in proof-reading and formatting them.

Please feel free to post your comments and ideas in this forum thread, or report an issue in Mantis (use category OCCT:Documentation).


Jayden Shui's picture

There is a block called "Member Function Documentation" in class documentation in reference manual. It is good to see the functions are listed there in alphabetic order. However, there are no descriptions for those functions. When I click the function name, I hope it goes to the functions's description which is usually shown above.

Andrey BETENEV's picture

Hello Jayden,

Thank you for the hint! We have updated docs on site (now description is provided in both members list and members documentation), please check.

Note that IGES and STEP User Guides have been updated and now are considered ready for review; also updated are Overview/Requirements and building instructions (according to current Git master).