OCCT 6.8.0 is released!


Hello All,

The release of OCCT 6.8.0 is published. The corresponding tag in Git is "V6_8_0". Note that WOK has also been changed, its version is also elevated to 6.8.0.

I am glad to mention here the community members who contributed to this release by reporting issues, participating in discussions, and providing code corrections:
barbier Bayard Diego drazmyslovich eed_spp Epy frar Fabian Hachenberg goeranbarz guidovanhilst Hayashi Istvan Csanady Jane Hu khlebnikov laurie123 llbatlle nikiml mach22 Petr Matousek Roman Lygin shoogen spamkiller Timo Tom Vitezslav Zajic ws

Thank you all for participation!