OCCT 7: replacement for ShapeSchema


I am using ShapeSchema and Storage_Data for storing named Geom_Curve and TopoDS_Shape objects in FSD_BinaryFile files. When I build the attached classes with OCCT 7.0.0, ShapeSchema.hxx is not found anymore.

The upgrade guide (http://dev.opencascade.org/doc/overview/html/occt_dev_guides__upgrade.ht...) says:

Legacy persistence for shapes and OCAF data based on Storage_Schema (toolkits TKPShapeTKPLCAFTKPCAFTKShapeShcema, TLStdLSchema, TKStdSchema, and TKXCAFSchema) has been removed in OCCT 7.0.0. The applications that used these data persistence tools need to be updated to use other persistence mechanisms.

Which "other persistence mechanisms" do I have to use instead? Is there an easy Method, to store Geom_Curve and TopoDS_Shape objects in the same manner (assign a "name" and store into a file. Later reload the object from the file by specifying the previously assigned "name")? 






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I have the same question.

Can anybody help?



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Dear Thorsten,
The persistence component of OCCT (one of the oldest components) sufficiently evolves last time.
I believe you understand that we do all our best to make this process more soft and sequential.
Unfortunately we are limited with resources and can't do all planned steps simultaneously.
Therefore you just see results of some intermediate step.
At the moment you can keep all your data using two available (via OCAF component) formats: Binary and Xml formats.
The "other persistence mechanisms" mentioned by you mean mechanisms already planned for implementation, but still
not published or still not developed. We plan to provide compatibility with old formats and approaches in next OCCT releases.
I do hope first tools you will see in the next OCCT7.1.0 release.
Sorry for possible inconveniences and
Best regards

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Ok, I understand. Thanks for your response. I'm looking forward to the upcoming versions of OCCT.