OCCT 7.1.0 Windows installer VC++ 2013 64 bit


Are you planning to release OCCT 7.1.0 Windows installer VC++ 2013 64 bit ? For now just the VC++ 2010 is available for download...

We are having linking issues compiling with Visual Studio 2015, mainly because of TCollection_ExtendedString methods. We think it would be ok with the VC++ 2013 libraries...

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I had the same linking error while compiling mfcsample of OCCT 7.1.0 with vs2015 because of TCollection_ExtendedString methods. Any suggestion or solution?

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The linkage error is caused by changed definition of the type char16_t in VS2015 - previous versions of Visual Studio defined it as typedef rather then built-in type which does not comply with C++11 standard.

This means that OCCT binaries built by VS2013 will NOT help for VS2015 - you should build OCCT using VS2015 or later.

In general, binaries within OCCT installer are intended for preview purposes - to evaluate samples and Draw Harness. These binaries are not supposed to be used for building actual projects - it is always better building OCCT yourself using required configuration (e.g. choosing optional external dependencies), compiler and applying extra patched (if needed). OCCT evolves steadily and using last release is not the best option if you are greedy for new features and bug-fixes.

For these reasons, there is no much point having a set of pre-build versions of OCCT for every supported compiler and platform on download page. VS2010 binaries works well as preview and developers are encouraged building OCCT from source code for their projects - as in case of other open source libraries. The OCCT building environment has been significantly improved for new users and building itself does not have much time on modern hardware.

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Thank you,

Indeed, compiling OCCT using VS2015 had solved the problem for us too.
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Thanks so much.
I will try to build OCCT by VS2015 ASAP.