OCCT 7.6.0 beta version is available



We are pleased to inform you that the new release of OCCT, 7.6.0, is ready for beta testing, and invite you to test this beta version in your applications.

Use the commit tagged "V7_6_0_beta" in the Git repository for this testing. Alternatively, you can use the complete source archive or Windows installer including ready-to-use binaries built with VS 2017.

If you have reported some issues in the bug tracker, please check those with Verified status - we assume they are fixed and will appreciate seeing your comments in the notes of the issue. If you detect a regression, please report it as soon as possible.
For details on the content of the 7.6.0 release, see draft Release Notes.

Refer to Upgrade Guide for a list of changes that may need to be accounted for when porting existing applications to the new release. Please report in the case if some change that needs to be accounted for in porting remained not described in this document.
The final release of 7.6.0 is expected to happen in the first days of November.

Your feedback is appreciated!

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