OCCT 7.7.0 beta version is available



We are pleased to inform you that the new release of OCCT, 7.7.0, is ready for beta testing, and invite you to test this beta version in your applications.

Use the commit tagged "V7_7_0_beta" in the Git repository for this testing. Alternatively, you can use the complete source archive or Windows installer including ready-to-use binaries built with VS 2017.

If you have reported some issues in the bug tracker, please check those with Verified status - we assume they are fixed and will appreciate seeing your comments in the notes of the issue. If you detect a regression, please report it as soon as possible.
For details on the content of the 7.7.0 release, see draft Release Notes.

Refer to Upgrade Guide for a list of changes that may need to be accounted for when porting existing applications to the new release. Please report in the case if some change that needs to be accounted for in porting remained not described in this document.

The final release of 7.7.0 is expected to happen in the last days of October.

Your feedback is appreciated!

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I get a linker error when building from source for VS2022 x64:
2>XCAFDoc_Editor.obj : error LNK2019: riferimento al simbolo esterno "public: class opencascade::handle<class XCAFNoteObjects_NoteObject> __cdecl XCAFDoc_Note::GetObject(void)const " (?GetObject@XCAFDoc_Note@@QEBA?AV?$handle@VXCAFNoteObjects_NoteObject@@@opencascade@@XZ) non risolto nella funzione "public: static bool __cdecl XCAFDoc_Editor::RescaleGeometry(class TDF_Label const &,double,bool)" (?RescaleGeometry@XCAFDoc_Editor@@SA_NAEBVTDF_Label@@N_N@Z)

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Could you please provide me with addition information

  • Used C++ standard
  • Used mode - Release / Debug
  • From what were 3rdparty used
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Dear QbProg,
To be able to reproduce your case we need the requested additional information from your side.
We would be pleased to get it. It will help us fixing the specified issue.

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I have investigated a bit. It doesn't depend on third parties, but on BUILD_WITH_PCH=ON .
Use standard generator, Visual studio 2022, x64, any configuration,

without PCH it works good!

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Thank you.
The next issue is registered in OCCT BugTracker =>
0033153: Configuration: Linker error when building from source for VS2022 x64

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Dear QbProg, we try to fix this issue, but till this moment - unsuccessfully. Is enabling of BUILD_WITH_PCH cmake option needed for OCCT entirely?

One of possible solution - just get rid of this option at all - because by my collegues opinion using of PCH particulary for OCCT is useless.

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Dear Dmitry,
I have no strong opinion on this, I only see that build times with PCH are lower than without PCH. Being a user and not a developer of OCC, it doesn't really matter to me :)
Also in recent versions PCH is less useful than a few years ago (I remember introducing pch in OCE with huge gains) but now the build times are more reasonable probably because hardware got much better.

One thing you may want to try later on is to use native cmake pch support instead of cotire (which I guess it's the source of the problem). This was introduced in cmake last year IIRC. I never used it (nor cotire) so I cannot give you any hint about this issue!

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is USE_EIGEN still being used actually? On none of my test builds where USE_EIGEN=ON was passed, -DHAVE_EIGEN appeared on the compiler command line. Grepping CMakeCache.txt for eigen only reveals the Eigen3_INCLUDE_DIR with it's ADVANCED internal variable, but no USE_EIGEN, even when passed, or any other related variables. The adm/cmake/vardescr.cmake only contains the INSTALL_MESSAGE for the INSTALL_EIGEN option, but no longer an USE_EIGEN_DESCR variable. No file seems to #include any Eigen related header file.

Edit: I can build the package with USE_EIGEN=ON while the eigen library isn't installed.

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Bernd Waibel wrote:

is USE_EIGEN still being used actually?

It looks like this dependency has been introduced to OCCT as a provision for further usage of library in some algorithms, but they haven't been actually implemented (or not ended up in public OCCT). So that indeed, there is no code in OCCT using Eigen library, and activation of this flag in CMake has no effect.

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When can OCCT 7.7.0 be downloaded?

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You can download OCCT 7.7.0 via the link.

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Thank you very much