OCCT bugtracker changes announcement

Hello All,

You might have noticed that our web site was stopped a few days ago for an update of the main software and plugins.

I am glad to announce some improvements provided with this update:

  • In GitWeb listing of the branches (heads), branches created for integration of changes (i.e. named using CRxxx pattern) are now shown with a status of the relevant Mantis issue, and a link to it. This will facilitate the review of changes and management of branches in general.
  • Since this week, Mantis will send automatic reminders to persons who have issues assigned to them with statuses 'new', 'assigned', 'resolved', or 'feedback'. We hope this will help developers to process the issues in time.
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In the Shortlog of a Git-Branch in GitWeb I can see the status of the corresponding Mantis entry but there is no link to the Mantis entry as announced above.


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In post above announced links to Mantis bugtracker in head chapter of GitWeb not in shortlog one.


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There seems to be a problem with Internet Explorer. I cannot see the links to Mantis in the head chapter (IE9, Win 7 64 bit). But with Google Chrome I can see it.

In Shortlog there is a link called "issue" that leads to the Mantis entry.

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Hello Timo,

Thank you very much for your comment!
You're right, it was an issue with IE and this was fixed.