OCCT Installation

I would like to use the OpenCascade Lib for antoher project for a part comparison (intersection).

Can you tell my how to install OpenCascade (Windows 7 and Visual Studio 10)?

At first I would like to compile the bottle-sample. Can you tell me the must important steps. I'm a beginner ...

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Dear MIke,
1) Download Open CASCADE Technology installation procedure for Windows:
OpenCASCADE653.exe (102 531 072 bytes) ==> http://www.opencascade.org/getocc/download/loadocc/
2)Run just downloaded 'OpenCASCADE653.exe' and follow the instructions.
Open CASCADE Technology with binaries precompiled by Visual C++ 2008 will be installed.
3)Find at "OpenCascade653\doc\overview\" index.htm file and open it.
4) Learn documentation at the chapters "Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology\Open CASCADE Technology Installation " and "Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology\Building Modules"

It will give your idea how to build OCCT with VisualStudio 2010.

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But I read in the documentation that I must install the 3rdpartytools. But in the c://opencascade/3rdparty are all of this tools? whats the difference?

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Dear MIke,
In the ..//opencascade/3rdparty are all tools built for environment configuration: {vc9, vin32, Release}.
If you need another environment configuration you should first rebuild 3dparty tools to satisfy your new settings.

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Ok. You mean that I have not to download the 3rdpartytools because I read in the documentation that I must download that tools.

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Dear MIke,
If you want to rebuild 3dparty products for another configuration you should have for sure sources.
It means that first you should download the corresponding produts.
You can find the detailed instruction in 'html' documentation. See chapter "Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology/Building Modules/Third-party products":
Please, use the following instructions for building of third-party products:
- On Windows

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Ok thanks. At first I use VC8. It is easy for me. Now I'm searching for the lib for boolean operations on b-reps: I have B-Reps in an prc-file and need an geometrical comparsion for b-rep ...

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I read the readme for the mfc samples. But to work with this samples I must read the occt installation???

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Dear MIke,
Samples are part of OCCT public release and are based on OCCT libraries.
See for details chapter "Open CASCADE Technology Installation"
I do hope it may help you to find answers to your questions.

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I don't understand the party with path env. variable. I start for example the vc9***.sln and start debugging. I see Link Error TKernel.dll etc. ... ?!?!

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Dear MIke,
The chapter ".../Open CASCADE Technology Installation/System Environment Variables" provides
comprehensive representation of the used environment variables. Just read it carefully.
Inspect, please also files 'msvc.bat' and 'env.bat' from "..\OCCT653\ros\" sub-directory.
I do hope it will give you all necessary information. 'msvc.bat' file is used to start correspnding Visual Studio. See description of the used parameters in comments of the file 'env.bat'.

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I read this but cannot find this lines in env.bat:


set PATH=%CASROOT%\win32\vc8\bin;%CASROOT%\..\3rdparty\win32\tcltk\bin; ;%CASROOT%\..\3rdparty\win32\tbb\bin;%CASROOT%\..\3rdparty\win32\gl2ps\bin;


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Dear MIke,
Your problems are hardly understandable.
'CASROOT' variable is defined in 'env.bat' file located at '...\OpenCASCADE\ros\' sub-directory.
I just checked samples compilation. It perfectly works.
See step '3. Modifying and rebuilding samples:' at the 'readme.txt' file located at this directory.
Print line like it suggested in this step, for example (if you are going to use vc8):
msvc.bat vc8 win32 Debug
Your Visual Studio 2005 will be launched.
If you need vc10, just replace it in the mentioned command:
msvc.bat vc10 win32 Debug
Note. You should understand that if you want to use 'vc8' or 'vc10' (which are not default compilers for version OCCT6.5.3) you without doubt should
- first build '3dparty' products
- and after build OCCT6.5.3 for chosen configuration.

If you will not succeed I suggest you to contact us via the Contact Form http://www.opencascade.org/about/contacts/.

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Now I hope I understand it.
A have Visual Studio 2008 --> VC9, Win32
1. I open C:/OpenCASCADE/ros/env.bat and change this line:
set "CASROOT="
My new line ist:
set "CASROOT=C:\OpenCASCADE\ros"

2. Open mscv.bat
3. Compile in VC9.
1>TKernel - 0 Fehler, 4 Warnung(en)
========== Erstellen: 1 erfolgreich, Fehler bei 0, 0 aktuell, 0 übersprungen ==========

I think it works ...

And now? I would liek to use the lib. for another project. I have prc-files with an B-Rep-Modell and want to do a comparison of two geometric models. And I read that OpenCascade supports B-Rep and boolean operation. You can answer me via info22@online.de

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i need help.

i would like to install OpenCascade in Windows 10 an i don´t know how to precede.

by the way  i have to  open some Geometry in OpenCascade throught  Code in Java.

i hope you understand what i mean!


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I am having the same issue.
I have downloaded the OPENCASCADE trying to build my Java project which runs with Maven. Did you have any luck regarding this?

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You can load prepared packages using this:Download - Open CASCADE Technology.
The other way - build by myself using this:Build OCCT - Open CASCADE Technology Documentation.

If you have any quastion, let me know.
Best regards, Dmitrii.

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I'm sorry, but I don't know Java.

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Is it possible to add 32 bit possibility for version 7.4 ?

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is there any video tutorial for open cascade installation ??