OCCT for XP 64bit

Hi all,
i'm, trying to build OCCT for 64 bit in XP platform (Visual Studio), and i have problems when building TKOpenGL due to ftgl/freetype libraries.
The problem is that i can't find binaries of these libraries for XP 64bit platform, and the websites for that libraries don't provide build method for them in the required platform, as long as I have seen.
Does anyone have a solution for that? In the meantime I'm trying to adapt the build methods to the required platform...

Thanks, regards
Jordi X.

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Hi Jordi,

i'm not sure, but i have build my ftgl and freetype libs for Windows 7 64-Bit to the description of

Contents->Compile of third-party products used for OCCT->Recommendations for compilation->FTGL

There is a description for "Compilation in 64 bit mode" of FTGL.

In the same way i have build the lib of Freetype first.

Hope that helps you.


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You will have to compile ftgl and freetype libraries for XP 64 bit.

I have attached both the libraries. Just unpack them and compile using visual studio.

Then give the path of the compiled binaries to the OCCT Compilation.

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Thanks, Verma.