In OCCT7.2.1 dev the names written into a FSD_File are associated with the wrong shapes.

Good Morning,

I am still experiencing problem with fsd files written by the following code:

   Handle(StdStorage_Data) data = new StdStorage_Data();

   .....adding a few roots to data ...

  NCollection_Handle<Storage_BaseDriver> fileDriver(new FSD_File());

  fileDriver->Open(TCollection_ExtendedString(fileName), Storage_VSWrite);

  StdStorage::Write(*fileDriver, data);


The file is written but names associated with different roots are not well preserved in a following StdStorage::Read.

To be more precise the names are associated with wrong shapes in the sense that they are permuted.

I have observed that the proper name association can be reestablished applying a small change to the function  "Standard_Boolean StdStorage_RootData::Write(Storage_BaseDriver& theDriver)" which is defined in "src/StdStorage/StdStorage_RootData.cxx".

The changed lines are the following:

  int I=0;     //HERE A COUNTER IS ADDED
  for (StdStorage_MapOfRoots::Iterator anIt(myObjects); anIt.More(); anIt.Next())
    const Handle(StdStorage_Root)& aRoot = anIt.Value();
//      theDriver.WriteRoot(aRoot->Name(), aRoot->Reference(), aRoot->Type());
      theDriver.WriteRoot(aRoot->Name(), I, aRoot->Type());  // HERE THE COUNTER IS USED IN PLACE OF aRoot->Reference()
    catch (Storage_StreamTypeMismatchError)
      myErrorStatus = Storage_VSTypeMismatch;
      myErrorStatusExt = "ReadRoot";
      return Standard_False;


With this change the arguments passed to the function "theDriver.WriteRoot(const TCollection_AsciiString& rootName, const Standard_Integer aRef, const TCollection_AsciiString& rootType)"  are the same as it happens inside of the function

"void Storage_Schema::Write(Storage_BaseDriver& f, const Handle(Storage_Data)& aData) const"

which is defined in "src/Storage/Storage_Schema.cxx"





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Dear Walter,

Thank you for your message and your contribution.
At the moment I can confirm that the reported problem is reproduced.
The issue is registered in OCCT BugTracker with ID = 29402.
We will take care to analyze it (as soon as we can) in order to elaborate the most effective solution.

Best regards
Forum supervisor