OCE-0.10 was released


OCE-0.10 has been released. This version is not binary compatible with OCE 0.9.x series (OCE_ABI_SOVERSION number was incremented).

Here is a change summary since 0.9.1:

* Upgraded to OCCT 6.5.3

* Improved compiler support for the new OCCT version
- Fix build failures on Alpha
- bcc v5.6.4 port (builder 6)
- mingw64 linux build
- OSX OpenGL Support
- gcc 4.7

* Many cppcheck, clang and msvc compiler warning fixes

* Build system and packaging fixes and improvements

* Bugfix: Fix memory leak in OSD_FontMgr.cxx

* Bugfix: Points swapped in BRepExtrema_DistanceSS

Users who contributed to this release:
Denis Barbier, Fotios Sioutis, Jerome Robert,
QbProg, Thomas Paviot.

You can download sources either from
https://github.com/tpaviot/oce/zipball/OCE-0.10 (.zip)
https://github.com/tpaviot/oce/tarball/OCE-0.10 (.tar.gz)



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