OCE-0.4.0 released


OCE 0.4.0 has been released.

This release focused on improving code quality and the cmake build system.

* CPack support : including DEB,RPM and MacOsX package generation

* CTest support : initial infrastructure to develop unit tests using
googletest and CTest. Actually working in Linux and MacOsX.

* CDash support : http://my.cdash.org/index.php?project=OCE to see the
status of the tests on various platforms

* Fixed many compiler warnings: this allows to have a cleaner compilation
and helped in finding some bugs. Probably many of the annoying MSVC CRT
debug error windows are also gone.
Some warnings may still be present, and will be fixed in
successive versions.

* Added NMake support
* Drastically reduced MSVC compilation time, using precompiled headers

* Added version information in Win32 DLLs: this information will be useful
for installers and packaging systems.

* Let OCEConfig.cmake use relative paths in order to allow moving
install tree (related to Linux and MacOsX)

Users who contributed to this release:
Thomas Paviot , Mark Pictor, Muellni,Denis Barbier, Hugh Sorby, QbProg

Precompiled binaries are being packaged for both Windows and MacOSX.
They will be available in a couple of days.

Best Regards,

The OCE Team

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Binary packages are available for MacOSX 64bit, MSVC 2008 and MSVC 2010