OCE-0.5.0 has been released

Hello OpenCascade Community,

I'm pleased to announce a new release of the OpenCascade Community Edition (OCE) project.

This released integrated OCCT 6.5.1, continued on the warning cleanup, and fixed some bugs. This a ABI breaking release, due to the warning fixes and the new OCCT version.
Programs compiled with OCCT 6.5.1 will compile untouched with OCE 0.5.0

* OCCT 6.5.1 : aligned to the lasted OpenCascade Tecnology release, while mantaining all the patches previously applyed.

* Breaking changes : to allow the removal of many compiler warnings, we did some breaking changes in some of the headers, mainly related to the type of private class fields. Existing code will still compile untouched.

* Warning removal and code cleanup : we removed many other warnings and cleaned up some functions. Some cppcheck warnings were also fixed.

* Added TBB support in memory allocation : OCE builds compiled with the TBB option on will benefit from it's multithreaded memory allocator.

* Bug fixes : some bugs were spotted during the cleanup process, and were fixed and reported. Other bugs were noticed from the forum and fixed.

* Installing version information : Programs using CMake will allow to find OCE with a specific version string.

* Program using OCE won't require to compile with -DHAVE_OCE_CONFIG anymore.

Users who contributed to this release (alphabetical sort): Denis Barbier, Hugues Delorme, Muellni, Philippe Carret, QbProg, Thomas Paviot.

Everything is available at: https://github.com/tpaviot/oce.

Best Regards,