OCE-0.6.0 was released


OCE 0.6.0 has been released. This release is source and binary
compatible with OCE 0.5.0.
You can download sources from
https://github.com/tpaviot/oce/zipball/OCE-0.6.0 (.zip)
https://github.com/tpaviot/oce/tarball/OCE-0.6.0 (.tar.gz)

Here are changes since OCE 0.5.0:

* Cmake 2.8 is explicitly required to build OCE.

* Removed many X11 dependencies. Now it is possible to build a large part of
OCE (with the exception of visualisation) without depending on X11 (using
OCE_DISABLE_X11 option).

* Cmake support : Cmake users will be able to correctly find OCE using
FIND_PACKAGE(OCE). Several examples are added to show how to use it in
end-user programs. It is now possible to detect/request single toolkits.

* Packaging : change installation paths; we do no more install files at the
same location as OpenCascade, but adopted more standard paths.

* Tests : integrated gtest 1.6.0 and added other unit tests, which helped in
fixing some bugs. Added MSVC support to the testsuite.

* Win32/MSVC improvements:
+ Enabled configuration files in Win32 platforms
+ Plugins and TKOpenGL are correctly found in debug builds
+ TKOpenGL works when building static libraries

* Modify tcl scripts to not require $env(CASROOT).

* Many small changes, bug fixes and warning removals.
+ Improvements to OSD_Process::SystemDate()
+ TKernel : add dependency against -ldl.
+ Bugfix : Work around a cmake bug that prevented building
Win64+MSVC+static libs
+ Bugfix : add missing include in BRepBlend_BlendTool.lxx.
+ Bugfix : fix mismatch new/delete in Standard_Failure.cxx
+ Fixed compiler warnings in OpenGl_TextureBox.cxx
+ Whitespace cleanup
+ In module TKOpenGL, fixed the two remaining GCC warnings of the form :
"comparison between ‘enum texStatus’ and ‘enum texDataStatus’"
+ Added missing include in BRepBlend_BlendTool.lxx
+ Fix capitalization of include file
+ pass NULL for timezone pointer to gettimeofday()
+ eliminate bad cast by copying to local variable
+ use localtime_r if available
+ Do not redefine memmove as an alias for memcpy
+ Workaround GCC ( + Fix HashCode, it could segault when MMGT_OPT is not set to 1.

Users who contributed to this release:
Denis Barbier, Thomas Paviot, Hugues Delorme, QbProg,
Matthew Dempsky, Massimo Del Fedele



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Anyone tried 0.6.0 with TBB 4.0. Just want to know if there's any known gotchas.

I've just set up my compilation environment for a pure 0.6.0 build from sources (i.e. on a machine that's never seen 0CCT/Qt before), which seems to be compiling fine. Very impressed with OCE actually so far, quite easy to get started. I'll move into a git environment when I've proved this build (and maybe contribute some patches).


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