Offset without arc on the inside corners

Hello, I'm trying to generate the offset of a wire with BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset, but the result is arc on the inside corners. I was trying to use:
BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset offset(rectangle, GeomAbs_Tangent)
BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset offset(rectangle, GeomAbs_Intersection)
but these seem not to be implemented.
There is a way to obtain an offset without arc on the inside corners?
Best regards.

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Sorry I meant outside corners

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Yes I also need to make an offset of wire ( composed of lines/arcs/splines)
which is closed or open.
Tried these commands in test harness, but not effective enough .

profile p F 0 0 x 2 y 4 tt 1 1 tt 0 4 w
mkoffset r p 1 -0.50
mkoffset r2 p 1 -0.1

Any alternative API to create offset of 'wires'.

- PG