Old version download & New versioin Installation Problem

Hello, I have two question.

I want to get the old Opencascade version. (ex 6.3)
So, Where can i get it?
It is possible?

and, second one is about running program of new version.
I can't running Draw and all sample...
I did rebuild the sample, and it is ok, not error.
but, It still does not work.

Finally, I appreciate to your efforts.
I really want trying the New version!

Have a nice day!
Thank you.

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I have the same problem.

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Version 6.3 is not distributed by OCCT any more, though you can probably find it somewhere

If you want to get some help on running DRAW and samples, please indicate which platform and compiler you use, whether you have default installation paths etc.


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Thank you for your help.

platform is windows xp sp3 and compiler is visual studio 2005.

I use default path for installation.(C:\OpenCASCADE6.5.0)...

I was check my System Variable. but, 6.5 version doesn't creation the system variable of OpenCASCADE.(like $(CASROOT)...etc)
So, I'll try creation system variable

If the problem is resolved, I will share that.

Have a nice day!
Thank you.

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Hi wjdghkgh,
C:\OpenCASCADE6.5.0\ros sub-directory should contain several bat files to be used for Draw running:
env.bat & draw.bat. Use it, please. In addition check next variables
set DRAWHOME=%CASROOT%\src\DrawResources
set DRAWDEFAULT=%CASROOT%\src\DrawResources\DrawDefault
set CSF_DrawPluginDefaults=%DRAWHOME%

I hope it should help.

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I'll try it. Thank you!