Open Cascade and Qt conflict ob 64bit Linux

I compiled the Qt Import-Export Example for 64bit Linux (Debian Lenny), but unfortunately I noticed that the IGES import became very unstable. I use Qt 4.4 and OCC 6.3.0. The import of almost all IGES files crashes the application or the geometry will be damaged. I used the _OCC64 option for the compilation. I realized that the problem is caused by a conflict between Qt and Open Cascade on 64 bit Linux systems. If I remove all Qt objects and declarations in the program and if I compile and run it as a simple console application everything works perfect. As I downloaded the newest Tar archive form OCC I saw that the 64bit Linux support was now removed from the Qt file.

I would be glad to get some ideas how to resolve this problem
Thank you in advance

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I now managed to resolve this problem. It seems that OpenCascade is using components of the QT localization and this causes problems for the IGES ASCII reader. If I set the environment variable LANG=en everything works perfect!! I suppose that this Bug is independent from 64bit.