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Hi guys,

I am new to Opencascade library. I want to use it for data exchage i.e. for importing STEP and IGES files. I have installed it on my machine on Linux platform. Can you please guide me for, from where I should start, which document should I read first so that I will became familiar with this library.
It will be a great help for me.


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The best place to start is with the PDF files that are installed with the library. Start with the index.htm file in the doc directory of the installation. It gives some basic text and links to the PDF files in a reasonable order.

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Hello Vishwanath,

the documentation is not the best but it might be useful in the beginning. Which I found most useful is reading the 'cdl' files in the $CASROOT/src/ direcory. To browse the package descriptions in a decent way download the occbrowser at:
The cdl files contain all neccessary information about the package in concern.
Since you want to import and export data you should probably take a look at the Import/Export example in $CASROOT/../samples/standard/ directory.

Good Luck,