Open CASCADE CAD Assistant for iOS platform

OPEN CASCADE is happy to announce availability of CAD Assistant on iOS platform.

CAD Assistant is a viewer and converter for CAD files in formats natively supported by OCCT (STEP, IGES, BREP).
This application shows the availability of OCCT functionality on a wide range of platforms, now including iOS, and is a basis for development of customized mobile solutions.
At the same time CAD Assistant is a fully-functional end-user application for every-day usage.

Visit the Applications page on our web site for more details:

We sincerely hope that our applications will help you in your business, scientific, or educational activity.

Please share your feedback with us and contact us if you have ideas on how to improve our applications or would like to use this technology and develop customized solutions for your needs.

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Please just follow the link "Read more..." on that page to open the complete article, also accessible directly:

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