Open cascade integration and usage

I have installed opencascade in my computer.I also have visual stdio 2010 installed.I installed wok emacs,cmake inside the open cascade folder on my drive.But i couldnt do this execution in the shell mentioned
LOC:dev> wcreate OpenCASCADE6.5.4 -EHome=E:/OpenCASCADE6.5.4
I installed allthat in e drve.please help me to do it.i couldnt proceed bcoz of this...thanks inadvance.i have already installed third party tools needed for occt.please help me out soon

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Hi Sijitha Unni,

I think you should still write '-DHome' instead of '-EHome' even if you installed on E:

LOC:dev> wcreate OpenCASCADE6.5.4 -DHome=E:/OpenCASCADE6.5.4