Open Cascade launches a marketplace for Open CASCADE Technology-based projects

Since its publication as an open-source 3D modeling kernel, Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) has become a backbone for numerous outstanding projects.  We are excited to announce that the marketplace for OCCT-based projects is launched on OCCT Development Portal!

The new section aims to present a variety of OCCT-based projects and enhance collaboration among them. Being a single access point to many projects, it eases the entry into technology and provides one with a wider look at OCCT capabilities and application areas. For more efficiency, you can browse OCCT projects marketplace filtering it by industrial sector, scope of application, and software type to save time and resources.

We invite you to explore OCCT projects marketplace and share your experience with the community by requesting to list your project! If you have questions about any project or want to explore collaboration opportunities, contact us via the contact form.