Open CASCADE license


Maybe this is a faq, but I wasn't able to find this info in this forum, nor at usenet, nor at If this question has already been answered, please point me to the right place.

How does the Open CASCADE license (MDPL) compare with the licenses at such as the GPL, the LGPL, BSD, MIT, etc...?

In particular, I'm specially interested in how the license affects applications built using Open CASCADE. The license cares a lot about the development of Open CASCADE itself, and says very little about applications which use the software.

There's a paragraph about derivative programs, but it's written just as a clarification and I feel it's a bit ambiguous. For example, it doesn't specify whether an application that uses the software at runtime is a derivative program or not.

Any help greatly appreciated,

César Blecua.

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Hi César,

from what I know, you can build your own application using Open Cascade as is and sell it and make money with it and it will be legal, without having to pay any runtime fee of development license fee.

Only special component that you will find at are different. But for all the opencascade 3.0, it's free!