Open Cascade official support for C#?

I am new to OCC. I would prefer to develop in C# as I have more experience in it than C++. I have loaded the Import/Export C# sample project that comes with the OCC install into VC 2008 and that compiles fine. I see that it includes a unit OCC that creates a file OCC.dll that has about 60 methods in it, and Shell, that references Shell.h. These seem to provide access to some of the OCC classes but not all. If I try to reference the TopoDS class, I can't.

How can I gain access to all OCC objects in C#? I suppose my question is: does Open Cascade officially support C#, or was this sample just a taster to show how it can be done?

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Hello Nick,

Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) libraries are written in C++.
In order to use the libraries in C#-based software the calls to C++ API of OCCT could be wrapped by a special layer of classes.
To wrap C++ functionality to C# we provide an advanced component called "C# Wrapper" which is a part of our collection of advanced samples ( ).
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information via he Contact Form at .

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